One year is paper

Tonight when I logged on to write my blog, I got a very pleasant surprise…it’s my one-year anniversary!  I had no idea, and didn’t even get myself a present! According to Hallmark, the traditional one-year anniversary gift is paper.  Huh?  Sounds pretty cheap to me, but I guess when you’re just starting out, that’s all you can afford. Hallmark actually gave some sweet ideas of … Continue reading One year is paper

Bonded or genuine?

Sham. Shyster. Charlatan. Phony. Masquerader.  All synonyms for hypocrite. Growing up this word was usually hissed rather than stated.  “She’s nothing but a hypocrite.”  I learned at a young age that it was not a compliment.  I tried hard not to become one, but I’m certain that at times I have been. My husband and I were both given bibles when he became an ordained … Continue reading Bonded or genuine?