One year is paper

IMG_2190Tonight when I logged on to write my blog, I got a very pleasant surprise…it’s my one-year anniversary!  I had no idea, and didn’t even get myself a present!

According to Hallmark, the traditional one-year anniversary gift is paper.  Huh?  Sounds pretty cheap to me, but I guess when you’re just starting out, that’s all you can afford.

Hallmark actually gave some sweet ideas of what to give for “paper” on its website.  The one I liked the most was to grab a pen and some stationary and write a love letter to your significant other.

So, I’m grabbing my keyboard, and the best blogging site around and writing a love letter to WordPress.

Dear WordPress,

How do I love you?  Let me count the ways.

♥  I love that you’re free!  Let’s face it, I’m a writer, which means I’m part of a much larger group of starving artists. Free is good.  Of course, when I get a major book deal, there’s always upgrades I can purchase.

♥  I love that you teach me the ins and outs of blogging.  With blogs of your own, and Blogging University, I can honestly say, if I don’t know something, it’s not because it’s not available.

♥  I love that you have opened my community with Freshly Pressed by introducing me to like-minded bloggers and those that are not so like-minded.  It takes all kinds.

♥  I love that you encourage me with your stats.  From your stats, you have told me that people from 15 different countries have read my blog at least once in the past year.  You also tell me what is most popular, which in 2015 is Don’t quit your crying and what is not, Understanding the Future.

♥  I love that you are there for me 24/7, whenever I’m inspired.  You are ready and waiting to publish my thoughts.

I love you WordPress.  In the last year, you’ve watched me grow as a writer, and I’d say, you’ve helped in that process as well.



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