I’ve got nothing…

White space and a blank screen.  I knew this day would come, and surprisingly, it’s later than I thought.  My goal in January was to write a blog post each week, mainly to stretch my writing muscles.

I was doing so well…until last week.  I slipped up, but with much sweat and determination, I pounded out another post.

So, here I am again tonight.  I could put it off (procrastination is my middle name), but deadlines are now a part of my everyday world, so I’m honoring my self-imposed deadline and I’m telling the world, “I’ve got nothing.”

No inspiring thoughts or moments of clarity. No profound thoughts of wisdom or “a-ha” ideas.  No creative juices.


It’s like I’ve run into a brick wall.  I’m guessing that many others have felt that way too in their lives.  So, we have some choices.

Created by the YouVersion Bible App.
Created by the YouVersion Bible App.

Climb it or try to go around it.

Or maybe we could go a totally different way.

Climbing or going around that “brick wall” seem to be very self-sufficient means.  I can figure those out by myself.  Actually, that’s what I did last week…I just kept at it, kept “climbing” if you will, until I got over it.

Going a totally different way, however, requires me to rely on someone else.  And, I’ll probably have to wait to get directions.

So tonight, I wait.  I hope you stick around to see what happens next.

2 thoughts on “I’ve got nothing…

  1. Coming up with creative topics has to be a challenge. God always whisperes something to inspire us
    Keep those writing juices going

  2. I’ve got nothing” Beautiful, because you went ahead of the curve and wrote about it, meaning you got something and that is shared.
    I feel the same and don’t have to guts to say it like you, thanks for that.
    All I’ve learned is that the more you force it, the less it wants to work for you.
    Oh, and the less I cared and the more I “just played”, the better it got.

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