Southern secrets

“In the South we keep secrets and secrets make us sick.” ~ Lisa Harper This was one statement among thousands of statements I heard last Sunday at a women’s conference entitled “Momentum”.  Many of the things said, sang, and preached were good words, healing words, inspiring words, and encouraging words.  But that particular statement resonated with me.  Lisa specifically mentioned the South, but I don’t … Continue reading Southern secrets

Funerals, feet and forgiveness

Why can’t we all treat each other like we treat the dearly departed at funerals? That thought recently came to me as I left a friend’s mother’s memorial service. I did not know the deceased, but I know her daughter, and I know they have had a stormy history. The memorial mentioned nothing of that, of course, and was a very beautiful service. Many relatives … Continue reading Funerals, feet and forgiveness

But I didn’t even know I was sick!

“I don’t even feel sick!”  I said those words a little over a year ago when diagnosed with Stage 0 breast cancer and I repeated them again last week when I visited an ENT doctor on referral. He explained I had a deviated septum, severe sinus problems and had trouble sleeping because I couldn’t breathe properly through my nose.  WHAT?!?!  Well, when I thought about … Continue reading But I didn’t even know I was sick!