Turning into one of ‘those’ people 

His coat is short, black and white and smooth to the touch.  He stands tall and walks proudly. His eyes are kind and gentle like he’s lived a thousand lives.  He wears a smile most of the time and wants my attention all of the time.  When he talks, I am spellbound to listen, for I know it must be important. He drives me crazy with … Continue reading Turning into one of ‘those’ people 

One year is paper

Tonight when I logged on to write my blog, I got a very pleasant surprise…it’s my one-year anniversary!  I had no idea, and didn’t even get myself a present! According to Hallmark, the traditional one-year anniversary gift is paper.  Huh?  Sounds pretty cheap to me, but I guess when you’re just starting out, that’s all you can afford. Hallmark actually gave some sweet ideas of … Continue reading One year is paper

Desiring apples

My new job as a hometown reporter has taught me that I have “inside” information on community events.  One particular event  caught my eye for several weeks:  The Ferrell Meador Apple Festival.  It seems this was the 9th year for the festival.  I’ve lived in this town for all of those 9 years (and more),  yet I’ve never attended or remembered hearing about it.  Now … Continue reading Desiring apples