You’re NOT the one: When rejection hits

Since taking the plunge back into part-time teaching last year, I’ve decided to go back into the full-time classroom.  Well, I decided to apply.  It’s ultimately someone else’s decision whether they let me in or not.   In the last three months, I’ve applied for over 70 positions in 29 different schools across three school systems.   I’ve had just one interview.  I thought it … Continue reading You’re NOT the one: When rejection hits

Shaking off self-sabotage

sab • o • tage To deliberately stop someone from achieving something or to deliberately prevent a plan or process from being successful Do you know anyone that sabotages themselves? Since January I have been committed to losing weight.  I have written goals, I have changed eating habits, I have exercised, all to no avail.  Why?  I’ve lost weight before, and kept it off for so long…why … Continue reading Shaking off self-sabotage