Facebook friends: Are they real?

I can be friends with you outside of Facebook.  Perhaps, it may be better for our friendship that way.   I have a long list of people that have requested to be my friend on Facebook.  I used to automatically click “accept” and go on.  Not anymore.  Now I carefully weigh the consequences. As a reporter, it was extremely beneficial to be connected with as … Continue reading Facebook friends: Are they real?

Packing Up the Dreams

The past few weeks I’ve been packing up my classroom.  Each year I dread this task, because it’s dirty (you wouldn’t BELIEVE the dust bunnies that accumulate!) and it’s somewhat depressing.  A school year is over.  Finished.  Completed.  It’s done.  No more improvements to be made.  No more learning to discover.  No more songs to sing or projects to create.   This year I’ve begun … Continue reading Packing Up the Dreams