Tree trimming tokens

As I unwrapped my Christmas ornaments, memories inundated my mind.  The yellow taxi cab with a Christmas tree strapped on the top of it was from a visit to my brother-in-law who lives in New York City and the delicate gold metal cutout of a ship from a visit to the same brother-in-law when he lived in Boston.  The fragile white starfish prompts scenes of … Continue reading Tree trimming tokens

Better watch out, better not cry

🎝 You better watch out, you better not cry! ♪ ♪ Better not pout, I’m telling you why. . . 🎝 Mrs. Morgan’s coming to school! She’s making lesson plans, And checking them out twice; Gonna find the right standards To teach them oh so nice.   [CHORUS]   You better watch out, And follow directions, So you can earn Tiger Tickets, For your collection. . . Mrs. Morgan’s … Continue reading Better watch out, better not cry

A Donkey’s Tail

I’m sure you’ve read the account in the Bible of Jesus’ birth, but I’m an eyewitness to the entire thing and not even mentioned!   Today I’m setting the record straight.  I’m Joseph’s donkey.  A beast of burden is what some call me because I can handle heavy loads on my back.  My kind are known for their stubbornness, but I’d like to call it “cautious … Continue reading A Donkey’s Tail

Cars, warning lights and Christmas . . . Part 2

Last week I shared how my car’s oil light kept annoyingly beeping, warning me of impending danger and I asked for your thoughts.  As expected, many were surprised that I was still driving the car. “They don’t call them idiot lights for nothing,” one friend wrote. Point taken. As I wrote that post, I was actually thinking of the holiday season.  Weird, huh? Maybe not. … Continue reading Cars, warning lights and Christmas . . . Part 2

Cars, warning lights and Christmas…Part 1

When you look at this picture what thought or thoughts immediately comes to mind? STOP the car!! Why is she still driving? What is wrong with her car? Why is she taking pictures while driving. . . and. . .at night!?!? Any and all of those may have been your thoughts. I will try to answer some of them. I drive the car even though … Continue reading Cars, warning lights and Christmas…Part 1