An open letter to my children’s “other” mothers

Paper - Made with PosterMyWall (2)An open letter to my children’s “other” mothers:  

You know who you are — my kids’ friends’ moms.  The moms who always seem to be available, even though you may or may not work a full-time job. The moms who, according to my kids, cook better than I do, are more fun to be around and have a cleaner house than mine. The moms whom I’m sometimes a bit jealous of (if I’m honest). So, I have something I’ve been meaning to say to you: 

Thank you.

Thank you for welcoming them into your home.  They have spent countless days and nights there.  They have swam in your pools, hiked in your woods, and sat around your bonfires.  They also watched your TVs, drove your ATVs and rode in your boats. They shared in your family.  Thank you.

Thank you for tolerating them in your home.  Even though I’m sure they dirtied your bathrooms and dishes, ate your food, slept in your beds, tracked through your houses and disrupted your days, you never dismissed them.  Thank you.

Thank you for feeding them.  They have enjoyed numerous meals and snacks at your house. From buttermilk pancakes to taco soup, you provided for them.  You weren’t expecting another seat at the table, but my kids were there and you set another plate. Many times you paid for their meal at a restaurant.  Thank you.

Thank you for taking them places.  You have driven them to movies, basketball games, softball games, church camp and more.  You’ve carried them to concerts and hauled them to Amish country. Thank you.

Thank you for teaching them that not everyone is like our family.  That although we may be different or do things differently, it is not a horrible thing.  Thank you for teaching them there are myriad ways to show love. Thank you.

Thank you for parenting friendly, welcoming kids who are kind and polite, and also fun to be around.  I’m so grateful our kids are friends. I believe they are better people because of that friendship.  Thank you.

Thank you for being there when I could not.  Thank you for speaking comforting words, helping with school projects, patching tires and repairing car doors.  Thank you.

For all this, and so much more, I appreciate your hospitality and love you’ve shown to my children.  Thank you for being the kind of mom that I wanted to be, but couldn’t.



P.S.  If you know some “other” mothers in your life, why not share?


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