Quick!  What just popped in your mind? Have you ever thought how a number can have such different connotations?

47Recently, I have.  $47 or 47 cents?  I’ll take the former please.  47 days or 47 months — which would you rather spend in jail or rather, on vacation?

What about having to take 47 different medications or driving 47 miles to work, or getting a 47% on a test? None of those sound particularly positive.

Earning 47 awards sounds much better than failing at 47 different jobs.  

I have never Googled a number before, but when I did this number, I discovered it has its own website.  Why?  According to the 47 Society website, 47 is the perfect “random” number.  They claim that “Many suspect the coincidental nature of 47 carries some mystical, metaphysical, and/or scientific significance.”

While I’m not sure about that, I do know it has personal significance to me.  It’s my 47th birthday today.  

My 30th, 40th, and other birthdays have come and gone without much pondering on the aging process.  This 47th one has caused me to pause.  

I’m now past middle age.  Changes that are noticeable:  I go to bed and awake earlier than I’d like.  My weight gets harder and harder to lose.  My skin is drier, my hair grayer and my eyesight poorer than just 2 years ago.  I realize I have been in the working world for 31 years and IF I retire at age 65, I only have 18 more to go.

Those older than I am are probably thinking, “You think it’s bad now?  Just wait.”  Those younger than I  —  don’t care.

It takes no effort for me to dwell on the negative connotations of being 47 years old.  But I’m trying to remember that with 47 also comes wisdom and experience, both very positive connotations.

For now, I’ll take those. . . and any mystical significance that comes my way.  Happy birthday to me.




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