Be thankful for dirt

My actual dishes last night.
My actual dishes last night.

My dirty dishes are once again piled up on the counter and in the sink.  I washed them yesterday, why do I have to do it again? Bits of leftover mashed potatoes, grilled chicken, and uneaten green beans lay on my plates.  Oh, there’s also a couple of bowls with dried on oatmeal stuck to them.  Not to mention the used utensils and the multiple cups and glasses.  I am thankful.

Dirty clothes scatter the bottom of my closet floor.  Shirts and pants that hardly show dirt, or hard work, for that matter.  Dirty towels are strewn across both bathrooms haphazardly.  Some have probably only been used once.  I am thankful.

The beds aren’t made and the carpets need to be vacuumed.  I am thankful.

My car needs to be washed (inside and out).  I am thankful.

Our laptop truly could benefit from being sanitized and cleaned.  I am thankful.

You see, dirty dishes mean my family has food to eat.  Dirty laundry means we have clothes to wear and water to bathe ourselves.

Dirty beds and carpets are a sign that we live in a home and are protected by its’ shelter.  A dirty car is a symbol I have transportation.

A dirty laptop indicates we not only have electricity but also access to the internet.

According to the website Global Issues, over three billion people – almost half the world – live on less than $2.50 per day. I imagine most of my audience are included in the other half that does not.  For that, we should be thankful.

Look around.  What is dirty that you are thankful for?



3 thoughts on “Be thankful for dirt

  1. Truly I needed that reminder today… to Be Thankful!! As I looked around and saw the same things dirty and out of place…. instead of letting my blood pressure rise, I smiled and thought of each little face that represents that mess! Thanks for sharing this today! It made me stop! Smile! And thank God for all HE has given me!! Love ya!

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