Love and stuff

img_2204I’ve been married now for 24 years.

Compared to some of my friends (and my kids’ friends) we may not have a lot of ‘stuff’.  We don’t vacation twice a year or have a fancy house.  Our vehicles are all over 10 years old and break down often.  What little savings we have, always seems to get used for something before it matures into the ’emergency fund’ and new clothes are a luxury, not a necessity.  As a matter of fact, neither of my kids have name-brand clothes like their friends.

Right now you are probably thinking you or someone you know has it way worse and I should be thankful.

You are right.  I am blessed.  As Dave Ramsey used to say, “I’m better than I deserve.”

First, I know Someone that loves me unconditionally and will never leave me.  He forgives me for all the times I messed up and has stayed by my side.  His name is Jesus.

Second, I live with someone who models that for me:  my husband.  Bryan and I have shared more than 24 years together.  During that time, each of us has needed forgiveness from the other and gotten it.  I used to think people who had been married that long would always stay together.  My experience has taught me otherwise.  Most of us know of at least one couple that divorced after 25+ years of marriage.

So when Valentine’s Day rolls around and friends wonder what I got as a gift, they may be disappointed (or surprised) that I didn’t get ‘stuff’.  No chocolates.  No jewelry.  No stuffed animals (thank goodness!).  Not that I’ve never gotten those things, just not this year.

This year I received what every person craves:  love.  Specifically, love in action.

I received some bad news at work and even though he had put in a stressful day at his work, Bryan took the time to listen to me talk and cry on his shoulder.  Then, he took care of dinner.  Ahhhhhh…now, that’s love in action.

Love and ‘stuff’ often go together:  presents, fancy dinners, romantic trips.  I’ve been blessed to have had all of these at one time or another.  However, they do not define love for me.  I was reminded yesterday that it doesn’t take a lot of money to love someone.  It does take time.

Take the time to love someone today.






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