Cars, warning lights and Christmas…Part 1

photo (9)When you look at this picture what thought or thoughts immediately comes to mind?

  • STOP the car!!
  • Why is she still driving?
  • What is wrong with her car?
  • Why is she taking pictures while driving. . . and. . .at night!?!?

Any and all of those may have been your thoughts. I will try to answer some of them.

I drive the car even though the “STOP” warning light and “OIL PRESS. LOW” light beeps, sometimes several times during a normal car ride.

I have no idea what is wrong with my car.  I’ve checked my oil.  It seems to be fine.  So until it quits running, I will keep driving.

Would you mind sharing YOUR thoughts about this picture here?  I’d like to use them for Part 2.


2 thoughts on “Cars, warning lights and Christmas…Part 1

  1. Something’s probably wrong with the electronics, but according to friends who’ve had similar problems this can be hard to diagnose. I’ve got very mixed feelings about these “helpful” warnings. A “check engine” light used to come on in my old Mazda pickup. Nothing was wrong with the engine, but the first time it happened I was sure a big honking repair bill was in my future. My Forester tells me when it thinks the tire pressure is too low — this often happens when cold weather sets in. That “STOP” on a red background seems designed to inspire panic. Advertisers use fear to sell stuff. Politicians use fear to sell themselves. Enough already.

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