My socks don’t match

Image (6).jpgMy socks don’t match.  Today I wore two different gray ones.  Sometimes I just get crazy and wear a purple one and a brown one.   Unless I’m wearing shorts, I really don’t care.  

I’m sure some scientist or researcher somewhere has done a study to see how much time people spend looking for the “other” sock.  I estimate I spent at least 2-3 minutes a day searching for the matching partner.  That’s about an hour and a half a month.  A few years back, subconsciously I think I decided I was done looking and could better spend that hour and a half sleeping or some other worthwhile activity.

That’s how middle age is, I think.  Somewhere along the way you figure out what is really important to you and you are not so concerned with others.  Socks are just not that important to me.  And they know it.  That’s why they run away in the dryer.  


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