Faith fog


While driving to work last week one day, the clouds were very low.  So low, in fact, that it limited my visibility.  I was in the midst of a morning fog.  And, of course, I had to take a picture of it (see above).

I always get a weird feeling while driving in fog.  I subconsciously slow down and wonder, what’s next?  Even if I’ve traveled the same road for years there is still lots of possibilities for things to pop up unexpectedly. The road is uncertain.

However, if I’m on an unfamiliar road, the sense of unease is raised several notches.  Uncertainty is sure.  Yet, not once have I ever stopped completely in the middle of a fog covered road.

I have talked about what faith feels like before, but that day I was prompted to think about what faith looks like.  It looks like a fog covered road in the country.  You have to trust that the road will continue even though you cannot see.  And, for it to be more like faith, you must not stop.  Though you might slow down (especially for safety’s sake), spiritual faith requires you to keep going.

So, if you’re feeling a little disoriented and unsure because you cannot see the miles ahead of you, maybe you need to trust the one that built the road.  He knows the way.

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