Desiring apples

My new job as a hometown reporter has taught me that I have “inside” information on community events.  One particular event  caught my eye for several weeks:  The Ferrell Meador Apple Festival.  It seems this was the 9th year for the festival.  I’ve lived in this town for all of those 9 years (and more),  yet I’ve never attended or remembered hearing about it.  Now … Continue reading Desiring apples

Football fanatics LISTEN UP

Football season is here in full force.  I can tell because my Facebook newsfeed has blown up with friends donning their team’s logos and colors.  Every commercial on TV seems to have a brown leather ball as its centerpiece.    Pee wee league, high school, college and pretty soon, NFL.  My Sunday afternoon background nap music suddenly becomes announcers commentating, whistles blowing and crowd noise–sometimes cheering, … Continue reading Football fanatics LISTEN UP