Trying Your Hardest

Even when you’re trying your hardest, life is sometimes hard.   


Take a look at my “checklist” from the past week or so:

  • Son rides lawn mower and the motor blows up.  Sent to the lawn mower doctor.  $1,000 repair bill.  Check.
  • Daughter falls off skateboard and breaks arm.  Emergency room visit and orthopedic visit.  Check.


  • Husband informs me that we need to be prepared to replace our VERY old heating/air unit (that has been long-overdue to replace) SOON.  Major expense.  Check.
  • Went to bake a cake in the oven the other night and after preheating for 15 minutes, the oven was still not hot.  Broken oven.  Soggy cake mix.  Check.
  • Found out my car was not put into park before shutting off the ignition and now it will not run.  Major repair that we haven’t even explored yet.  Check.
  • Still looking for a job.  No callbacks, no prospects, no luck.  Check.


Trying my hardest to stay positive and upbeat.  “It’s only money,” as my husband says.  How do you combat that checklist?  With an even better gratitude checklist:

  • We MAY have a friend of a friend that can give us a lawn mower engine for free.  THANKFUL for friends.
  • Daughter is still alive and well and able to do almost everything she was before.  THANKFUL for my family.
  • Heating and air unit is continuing to work so far, and has given us over and above its life-expectancy.  THANKFUL for previous owners that maintained the unit!
  • Broiler still works on oven (as husband found out trying to “bake” the cake) and we have a fully functioning microwave. THANKFUL for so many appliances that do work and make my life easier.
  • We have an old truck that husband can drive and we still have one decent running vehicle.  THANKFUL for automobiles.
  • I haven’t even come close to giving up looking for another job.  THANKFUL for a determined heart and a supportive, loving husband.


When I look back over the last week or so, I realize that I have so many more things to be grateful for rather than griping. While I think on these things, I realize that indeed life is hard, but God is good. I’m very thankful.


What about you?  Can you turn a gripe into something you’re grateful for?



3 thoughts on “Trying Your Hardest

  1. See you did it and this was GREAT! Yes, in the midst if our battles and struggles we have much to be thankful!

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